Bonding of lining a service offered by us, which aims to extend the life of the brake system. Bonding of lining is performed by means of a resin-based adhesive and in order to obtain the stability of the connection the element is vulcanized, meaning it is placed in the temperature of 180 degrees for at least 30 minutes. The old brake lining is removed from the brake shoe (or the clutch plate). Then the shoe or plate is sandblasted to clean it carefully. In the next step, the adhesive is applied, which has to dry (we use Plastilock adhesive), then we mount a new lining to the shoe. The next step is to place the entire system in special elastic boards, which guarantees that during the expansion of the material at high temperatures there is still high and uniform pressure. The process of reaching the temperature of 180 is gradual, so that the adhesive evaporating does not leave bubbles, which can weaken the bonding.