Wet clutch

A wet clutch is another name of an oil clutch.

Textar brake pads

Textar has over 100 years of tradition when it comes to friction materials.

Solid rivets

Solid rivets are used in the regeneration of clutches.

Sensors for pads

Sensors for pads are devices that are simple in operation, which have cause that the driver (or car computer) will be informed about the wear of brake pads.

Riveting of linings

Brake shoe with lining is a part of the brake system repair. We are talking about a replacement of brake linings, where on the shoe, which is first cleaned of old lining, is punched with the new brake lining.

Regeneration of centrifugal clutches

A centrifugal clutch is most often used in quads and all kinds of construction machinery.


This company was founded in 1902 in Connecticut, specialising in brake materials.

Oil clutch

An oil clutch is most commonly used in automatic transmissions.


It is a reputable company manufacturing friction materials. We offer Miba segments, for example.

Lining by the metre

Lining by the metre is brake lining used to regenerate brake shoes.

Kevlar facings

Kevlar lining is manufactured using aramid fibre, which is popularly known as Kevlar.

Kevlar clutch

Recently, clutches in which the clutch disc features Kevlar are becoming more and more popular.

Grinding the pressure surface

Grinding the contact surface is a service that we perform as part of the regeneration of the clutch disc.

Friction segments

Friction segments include various types of friction components for machines and clutch buttons.

Friction paper

Friction paper is used for shoes in oil clutches. Exactly this type of paper is glued to the friction discs and is adapted to work in oil.

Drums turning

In our company we have a special machine thanks to which we can provide drum turning services.

Drum turning

Drum turning consists of aligning the surface of the drum so that the surface which cooperates with the brake lining - i.e. the surface of the drum, which the lining grinds against - was even.

Copper rivets

Copper rivets are used for the regeneration of clutch discs and replacement of brake lining.

Clutch regeneration

Clutch regeneration involves the replacement of the worn out clutch element, i.e. the clutch disc.

Clutch regeneration

Regeneration of clutches extends their lifespan. As a result, when the clutch disc is worn out, there is no need to replace the entire clutch only the friction disc.


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